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Sales Training - Responding to setbacks.


The trap people fall into when things don’t go the way they want, is they think the issue is personal, pervasive and permanent.  This is known in psychological circles as the three P’s. It can be a precursor (another P!) to depression.

Everyone thinks the world revolves around them.  “Carey never called me back and I just found out she just went with our biggest competitor.  How could she do that to me?”  It’s not Personal.

“This happens to me all the time.”  Pervasive.

“And I’m probably never going to sell to that group again.”  You’re Permanently doomed!

Setbacks happen.  Deals go bad.  Products break.  Here’s one more thing I know:  If you keep thinking about those things, they will continue to happen.  Hundreds, maybe thousands, of books have been written about the power of intention.  The positive thinking put forth in, As a Man Thinketh written by James Allen in 1902, is still relevant today.

Focus on what you can do today.  Look in the rear view mirror for too long and you’ll crash into what’s in front of you.  Yes, you need to do a sales debriefing of what went wrong and what you did well.  Take what you can get from a good or bad experience and move on.

From Senaca’s book, Letters from a Stoic, written somewhere between 4 BC and 56 AD, he said;A man is as unhappy as he has convinced himself he is.”

Sales Homework
– Make the commitment today to never let any business deals keep you down for too long.  This sales training course is as much about your attitude as anything else.  Without a good, positive attitude your chances for success are greatly diminished.

Sales Managers – More than anywhere else, you must lead here by example.  Yesterday’s over.  What are you getting done today?


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