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Sales is a Science.


Certain sales techniques, strategies and principles, when applied correctly will bring consistently good results.   This is an especially important concept if you’re someone who believes you are not a “born sales person.”  This is not to say there is an exact cause and effect; I say this and they will do that. Every situation is unique.  However, for the most part human behavior is predictable. 

One of the keys to your success is to have a full toolset of sales techniques and strategies so you can use them as a homebuilder would use the correct tool at the correct time.  The principles, strategies and lessons in this book prepare you for the situations you find yourself in, in every day selling situations.  These techniques, when practiced diligently, become an ingrained part of your personality and will flow effortlessly over time.  And the more you deliver them, the easier it will become.

One other area to make your selling efforts more scientific is to develop your set of metrics that help you “predict” or forecast your sales.  Every business and product has its own set of metrics.  They can include:    Read more...


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