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Mediocre sales people talk more than they listen.  I know it’s a cliché, but you do have two ears and one mouth for a reason.  If you listen closely you can learn not only if your prospect is interested in buying, they will tell you how to sell to them.  This really brings back a key concept; you may be selling but it’s the really customers who are buying.   So, if you are talking more than half as much as you’re listening, you need to sit back and listen to the answers to the pertinent questions you’re asking.  Within those answers your customer is telling you how things are going to flow.  But you have to quit talking so much and so you can listen.

Quit selling and start letting your prospects buy.  You do this by asking pertinent, relevant, prepared questions and listening to the answers.      

Sales Homework
– On your next call or meeting, have a notepad or sticky note handy.  Every time you speak place a check mark down.  Every time your prospect speaks put a check mark down.  At the end of the call add them up.  If your prospect doesn’t have twice as many check marks as you, you’re talking too much. 

Try to keep track of the time as well.  Your prospects should be talking at least three times as much as you.

Sales Managers – Listen to your sales reps’ calls and keep your own scorecard.     Read more...


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