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Price fishing.  Don't get hooked.


You may get prospects that call you up and say, “Just tell me what the price is for your product.  I want to see if I can afford it or if it is worth exploring.”   Resist simply blurting out a price.  Doing that screams out, “Amateur.”  Answer politely; “Thank you for calling.  I can certainly help you get the correct price for that product.”  What you’re saying is that you’re concerned with helping them get the best value for their money, by making the right choice. 

Then continue with your qualifying questions:

·         Are you looking for a single purchase or do you need multiple _____________?

·         Are you going to need this right away?

·         Have you ever purchased a product like ours before?

·         Can you tell me how you’re going to use the ______________? 

     If your company needed someone to just give out prices, they could hire a minimum wage clerk or publish a price list online.   


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