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This is one of the most effective closes.  And it’s very simple too.  After you have gotten to what you think is the last objection or question your prospect has, say to them, “I will find out the answer for you.  Is this this only thing that will keep you from moving ahead with your order?”  If they say yes, you say, “Great.  I will get the answer and prepare our order form for you.” 

You don’t want to get an objection and think you are done when you are not.  For example; your prospect says “Jill, can you get us delivery next week?”  This question sounds like they’re ready to go once you get them the answer.  So, Jill dutifully runs off to see if shipping next week is possible.  Jill gets the good news and reports back to the prospect; “Yes Stephen, we can deliver next week.  How will you be paying?”  To which Stephen responds with “Oh, we need to talk about pricing, too.” 

Had Jill simply asked, “I will find out the answer to this for you.  Is this this only thing that will keep you from moving ahead with your order?” she would have saved herself a lot of disappointment.  Using this one phrase can save you a ton of time and heartache.

Sales Homework
– Make sure this question is on your list of closing questions.

Sales Managers – Having your sales reps incorporate this one question will eliminate a lot of back-and-forth with your prospects and get your sales reps to the signed order form (or purchase order) much quicker.  Make sure they use it.        Read more...   


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