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Sales Training - The meeting follow up document.


This is a tip that will really set you apart from the average sales person.  After a conference call or meeting, you should send a Meeting Follow Up document to your prospect(s).  This document’s front page should be the same as the front page of the Proposal Template document which includes the recipient’s company name and/or logo.  It’s a little branding on your part and subtly prepares them for the proposal which may follow.

The following page(s) should begin with this sentence:

“To ensure accurate communication going forward from our meeting, I have noted the following topics were discussed and action items assigned:  (Please add, modify or append.)”

After the sentence above list:

Meeting attendees (include yourself):

·         Name 1

·         Name 2

·         Etc.


Discussed topics:

1.       Item 1 that was discussed.

2.       Item 2 that was discussed.

3.       Etc.


Action items for <your company>:

4.       Action Item 1

5.       Action Item 2

6.       Etc.


Action items for <their company>:

7.       Action Item 1

8.       Action Item 2

9.       Etc.

Sales Homework
– Start using the Meeting Follow Up document today.

Sales Managers – Using the Meeting Follow Up document will set your team apart and help you win more business.  Insist on it.  It also protects you against miscommunications.



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