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If you don’t have integrity, nothing else matters.

Early in my career I was working for a technology company selling their memory boards.  The goal was to get as many evaluations (evals) of the boards in customer’s hands as possible.  This meant getting prospects to install our boards into their systems so they could see for themselves the performance improvements the memory boards added. I was in Florida making sales calls with my boss, the regional manager.  While we were driving we called one prospect he had been talking to for a couple months.  He told our prospect we were in town that day and asked if we could stop by and install one of our memory boards.  Our contact was very hesitant because his boss was out and the only machine available was the production system.

My boss managed to talk our prospect into it, against the prospect’s better judgment.  As soon as the memory board was installed my manager turned to me and said, “Let’s get out of here.  I’m not really sure the board is going to work in this guy’s system and I don’t want to be here if it doesn’t.”  What??  Are you kidding me?!!  

I tried to talk him out of leaving but he insisted.   I’ll never forget seeing our prospect come out of the building yelling at our car as we pulled away, “Hey, come back here.  My system won’t come back up.”  We kept driving. 

I left the company shortly thereafter.  The incident however, as you can tell, left a permanent impression on me.  It also showed me the other side of sales; the dark side of which you want no part.  He was a con man.    

Sales Homework – Make a commitment today to sell with integrity.  Period.  Your career will thank you and it’s just the right way to be.

             Sales Managers – You cannot tolerate unethical behavior.   If you are this kind of sales manager, please find another profession for all us
             who make an honest living selling with integrity.

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