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In Steve Martin’s (not the comedian) excellent book, Heavy Hitter Selling, Steve interviewed thousands of top sales people.  Sales reps who had made the President’s Club and other top achievement award clubs.  One of the things he found in these top producing sales people was a high dose of humility.

You cannot be a braggart and have a completely rewarding career in sales.  You may make your share of sales, but you will have higher than average customer turnover and you won’t work well with your teammates over an extended period of time.  If you cannot contribute positively to the team you may be forced to become a free agent.

I don’t believe you can be one kind of person and another kind of sales person.  A sales person works too closely with his prospects, customers and the sales team, to keep switching personalities.  You burn out quickly. 

The most successful sales people realize they are no better than any prospect, customer or other sales rep.  They understand humility.  This does not mean you shouldn’t be confident or strong.  It means you:

·         Can laugh at yourself.

·         Help another sales rep without feeling threatened.

·         Admit it when you’re wrong.

·         Give without expecting to receive.


Sales Homework – Print out the bullets above and keep them with you until they become a part of you.

Sales Managers – This is a great opportunity for you to coach your sales team on how humility can bind them together and raise the level of the team…which lifts all individual boats.         Read more...   


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