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How's it going?  Ugh.


Let’s say you’ve got a really good prospect and everything is moving in the right direction.  It’s time for some decision making within their company.  But, you’re dying to find out what’s going on now.  DO NOT call and say, “How’s it going?”  You’ll be wasting their time, they’ll think you’re just after their money and you’ll sound like an amateur. 

If you have been reading Google Alerts or news clippings about your prospect, their company, or their industry, now is the time to use them.  The conversation should go something like this:  “Hi Cliff, this is Louie Bernstein at Sales Getters.  I just saw that <their company name> opened up its first office in China.  We have several contacts in China that can help you on the sales side, if that is of value to you.” 

Cliff will give you an answer and if he doesn’t start talking about the China operation, you can start with your questions:

·         Will this affect the work we are going to do for you? (Assumptive close.)

·         Is China strategic for our project?

·         Will you be visiting China to help with the new initiative?

If, after talking for a while, Cliff doesn’t say anything about your deal it’s okay at that point to ask, “Has our project been approved?”  You gave Cliff something so it’s okay as a partner to ask for something in return.    Ninety per cent of the time your prospect will tell you sometime during the conversation where your deal stands.  The reality is that Cliff knows why you are calling.  But you are showing him you are courteous and willing to give in order to get. 

Business is a two way street.  Information flows two ways when you have a good partner.  Regardless, no matter how tempting stay away from, “How’s it going?”  Ugh.


Sales Homework – If you have a deal in a stage similar to the one in this lesson find something of value to your prospect, then call them to discuss. 

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