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First impressions last.


As the old saying goes, you only get one first impression.  What kind of first impression do you make – either on the phone or in person?  Do people warm up quickly to you or do you feel it takes you a while to connect?  

Don’t forget the first part of the LikeTrustBuy equation:  Like. 

Your first goal needs to be to get people to like you.  Think about the people you like.  What is it about them that got you to instantly feel comfortable?  It probably had something to do with them:

·         Smiling.

·         Being courteous.

·         Being well groomed.

·         Having breath that did not smell.

·         Asking more about you than talking about them.

·         Being respectful of your time.


In sales it’s always about them.  When meeting someone, or calling them up for the first time, remember that.  Think about the qualities that draw you to people and try to embody those qualities.  You may not get a second chance.

Sales Homework
In addition to the six bullets above, list three characteristics you like in people and practice using those traits as your own on new people you meet or call.

Sales Managers
– This is a good time to go over your sales reps’ initial introductions for outside sales calls and telephone cold calling.  I suggest using a checklist like the bullets in this lesson.        Read more...


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