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"No" fear.


Too many sales prospects are afraid of asking the tough questions because they worry they will hear the word “no.”  What these sales people fail to realize is that they are either delaying the inevitable or they are being given a chance to uncover any objections that can help move their sale along.

Being a sales person requires guts.  You have to ask questions that others would not ask because those questions make the conversation “uncomfortable.”  You have to let the “no’s” bounce off you and move ahead.  Most of your prospects will feel uncomfortable saying no.  And that is the very reason you need to ask those questions.  Your prospects don’t go to work looking for conflict.  So, they may lead you along telling you what she thinks you want to hear.  If you do not clarify and drill down for a yes or no answer, you are simply delaying the inevitable and wasting your time.  Remember: Accelerate the inevitable. 

In sales, the largest wage earners are the ones who provide the most value or perceived value to their clients.   But if your prospects do not see the value you are presenting, and you take whatever answer they give you as the cue on what to do next, even if it is a no, you will never be a top sales person.

Sales Homework
– Look at the list of questions you ask your prospects.  If those questions don’t include the tough ones, list them below.  Here is an example; “Teddy, you have been looking at our service for several months now and you have told me it is in your plan to purchase our service.  Will that happen this month?” 




4. ____________________________________________________

Sales Managers
– If you want top selling sales reps, it’s crucial they master this skill and attitude.  After your sales reps complete their homework, role play the scenarios and record them.    Read more...


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