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Your prospects and customers count on you to be an expert in the field in which you are selling.  You should not only completely know your product, but you should have a really good knowledge of your industry and how it affects your customers, as well.  Having this expertise gives you the opportunity to be elevated to the level of educator in their eyes.

Chances are your customers don’t have the time to keep up with everything that surrounds your business.  If you sell printing, you need to be on top of what’s going on with printing technology; presses, digital imaging, etc.  What’s the trend in data warehousing if you sell ERP systems?  What are the latest advances in VOIP for telecom customers?  You get the idea.

When you’re perceived as an educator, as someone who can help your prospect keep up with things in your field because they just don’t have time, you are of value to them and they will invite you in.  And getting in the door is just the starting point.

Sometimes you will find yourself toward the end of the deal where your prospect (champion) has to present your solution to the CEO or Board of Directors to get approval.  You should always ask your prospect if you can either be there, or listen by phone in case there are questions he cannot answer.  If you are viewed as a seller and not as an educator, your chances of being allowed in are slim.  However, if you are viewed as someone who can bring in legitimate value, your odds increase greatly. 

Having thorough product and industry knowledge doesn’t end with your first presentation or cold call.  That’s where it starts.    

Sales Homework – List four unique trends, new developments, etc. in your industry that you can use to help educate your prospects and customers – and then make the delivery.





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