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In Like-Trust-Buy, building rapport is how you accomplish the Like portion of these required steps to close a sale.   This is really the time in the customer's buying cycle that can be a lot of fun for you.  You get to be yourself and make a new friend.  This is something that is easier for some people than others.  But everyone can do it. 

Before we discuss building rapport let me mention something about a "sales" personality.  I believe if you are the kind of person who wants to have control over their income and is good with giving value and hard work to make that happen, then I think you will do just fine in sales.  From there, it is just learning the techniques and strategies.  However, if you are in sales to make a lot of money and it really doesn't matter what you have to say to get the deal, or you are not willing to put the time in to service your customer, then sales will be more difficult for you.  But since you're going through these lessons to learn how be a professional, you're probably not that kind of person.

There are several cold call and follow up scripts in this course that can help you with what to say.  Just remember the bullets below as you are using those scripts with each prospect:

 - Did I do my research on the company and my prospect?

 - Do I know what common interests we may have?

 - Am I calling with some information that is of value to them?

 - Am I trying to make a sale where EVERYONE wins?


My best advice to you is to be a good person.  Just being a good, sincere person will go miles in building a rapport that will lead you to Trust and then to a closed deal.

Sales Homework - Go do a random act of kindness.  Then go call your prospects and establish rapport.
Sales Managers -
Foster this type of attitude in your group.  It pays dividends and is just the right thing to do.   Click here to read more...


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