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It would be nice, but not every prospect is going buy from you during your first communication with them. This lesson is really marketing territory but there are certain things you can do on your own to make sure you are “top of mind” when your prospects are ready to move ahead to either explore or purchase your product.  Here are few sales suggestions:

·         Research and obtain as much information about your prospect as possible.

·         Align what’s happening in their company or your prospect, with your product.  For example; if their company just announced a takeover of another company and you offer outplacement or recruiting services, think of creative ways reminding them of that fact.

·         Create a series of emails to produce your own email “drip” campaign.  An example of a drip campaign is when you sign up for someone’s newsletter on their website and you start receiving automated newsletters and promotions.  Marketing automation software handles this quite nicely, but you can run your own semi-automated drip campaign.

·         Schedule your emails to go out on a predetermined basis.  Depending where you are in the customer’s buying cycle you can schedule them for weekly, biweekly or monthly distribution.

·         Call regularly with valuable information about their industry, how your product has helped others and how it can help them.

I’m not suggesting you try taking over the marketing department.  But don’t sit by idly, hoping the marketing department saves you either. What you want is when your prospect comes out of a meeting and the boss just said to him, “Go find me a product that….” your prospect should think, “I just got email from Dave at <your company> about that very thing.”  Imagine that.

The same professional salesperson rules apply:

1.      Your email content must have value to your prospect.

2.      You must be consistent and professional.

3.      You cannot be a pest or a spammer.


Sales Homework – Write three emails based on the top four bullets above for your best prospect.  Then repeat for your other high-value prospects.

Sales Managers – Help your sales reps organize their campaigns. They can do these after hours or on the weekends.

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