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You may think you know what you sound like but unless you’ve recorded yourself you really don’t.  I’ve recorded sales reps’ conversations with customers only to hear them tell me afterward, they couldn’t believe it was them talking.  More interestingly, they would say things like, “I didn‘t realized I sounded so timid, or loud or so vague.”               

The sound and tone of your voice is especially important if you use the phone to make your living.  When you make a call you need to sound:

·         Calm

·         Confident

·         Knowledgeable

·         Happy

·         Business-like

If you’re serious about being a sales professional start recording yourself.  Record yourself when you’re practicing cold calling or as a dress rehearsal for the big closing call.  Then, record yourself on the call with your prospect or customer.  One of the great things about recording yourself is that you have instant feedback.  Part of any good system is to deliver the feedback right away.  Over time (even minutes) feedback loses its effectiveness. 

Note:  In some states, it is illegal to record a conversation without letting the other person know they are being recorded.  I am not suggesting that you do anything illegal, in any way.  Use this practice and self-improvement tool the best way it’s practical.

Sales Homework – This week break out whatever recording mechanism you have available and start recording and listening to yourself.  It will take your game up a couple notches.  It just might make the difference between winning and losing.

Sales Managers – Do what you can to put a recording system in place.  Then, insist on having your sales reps record themselves.  This is a tremendous coaching opportunity.  It can also give you great insight into the deals your reps are working on along with what’s working and what is not, with those deals.  You may hear a pattern.         Read more...   

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