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What’s the difference between the two statements below?

1.       A majority of our customers let us know they like our new features very quickly. 

2.       82.43% of our customers call within 18.5 hours of a new release to say they love it.

I look at statement #1 and think, that’s very nice.
I look at statement #2 and think, these guys must be awesome.

Why?  Few a few reasons:

·         People believe statistics and numbers.

·         People can use those numbers and statistics as a “logical” reason to buy.

·         Numbers don’t lie.    

·         It looks like we track our data very carefully so we must be concerned about customer satisfaction.

However valid or invalid this logic is, it exists in people’s minds; your prospect’s minds.  Whenever you can, you should include numbers and statistics into your presentations.

·         91.4% of our customers see a Return On Investment in less than nine months.

·         97.7% of people who call our support line get a return call in less than 17.5 minutes.

·         Our average customer stays with us for 7.6 years.


The one obvious key to using numbers and statistics is they must be true.  I once heard a comedian tell a story that was really amazing only to conclude with, “And that’s a fact I just made up.”  You, however, cannot make up facts.  They have to exist.  But if you do use them wisely, they will reward you.  And that’s a fact!

Sales Homework – Write down four things about your product that you can brag about using numbers or statistics.





Sales Managers
– Help gather as much data about your products, service, etc., and put numbers behind them.  They can be your most powerful form of persuasion.     Read more...


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