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Every waking moment of your life you get to control what you allow into your mind.  What a great freedom.  Like any freedom, don’t take it for granted or squander this opportunity to fill it with good ideas and positive thoughts.  The result of continuous of positive thoughts starts to take effect in as quickly as 21 days.  Your outlook will change. You will become more positive, have more optimism and hope, and be a better person. One catch: your mind needs to be calm and open to accepting these ideas.  Basically, you have to relax your mind to let in all the goodness.  A closed mind accepts nothing.

There are two good ways to open and relax your mind:

Meditation – Meditation is 5,000 years old and probably the best method for calming your mind and body.  You can start with 15 minutes a day.  Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed and dedicate this time to yourself.  There are several types and philosophies for meditation so choose one with which you feel the most comfortable.  Meditation for Dummies by Stephan Bodian is a good book to help you get started.

Hobbies – Hobbies are meant to take you out of your daily thought pattern and put you into your fantasy zone of hitting a tennis ball like Roger Federer or playing guitar like Eric Clapton.  It really doesn’t matter what your hobby is.  What matters is that it puts you in “the zone.”  That place where you cannot worry about other things and you enjoy your activity.

A resource I’ve found that gives me a 20 minute dose of wisdom and inspiration is Philosopher’s Notes by Brian Johnson.  Brian has done a great job of distilling the great books written throughout history which focus on helping you reach your full body, mind and spiritual potential. They’re presented in audio format and very reasonably priced.  You can find them at 

Sales Homework – List two things that you will start this week to open and calm your mind.



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