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A prospect says to his sales rep:  “Linda, would you see if you can get me two more weeks on our evaluation?”  The sales rep responds, “Okay Olin” and runs off to management to see if she can get her prospect two more weeks to use her product for free.  

Notice anything missing from that encounter?  Linda didn’t ask for any commitment from Olin.  The commitment could have been, “If I can get the two weeks for you Olin, and I am not certain I can, will you place your order?”  It also could have been a different response from Linda because Olin may have been at different place in his buying cycle.  “Sure Olin.  If I can get the two weeks for you, will we be able to have that meeting with the CEO we spoke about?”   It doesn’t matter where in the buying cycle the request comes in or how seemingly insignificant it is.  What matters is that your prospect is sending you on an errand.  And that’s okay.  You are there to serve.   So long as it’s viewed as something one partner would do for the other partner, and that partner is willing to reciprocate.

You are a professional.  A Sales Professional.  If you treat others professionally you are entitled to reciprocal treatment.   (If you don’t, all bets are off.)  Don’t become an errand boy or girl.  Hold yourself in high esteem. 

Business happens when it is preceded by Like and Trust.   Shortly thereafter, comes Partnership.  Your prospect, who has now become your customer, doesn’t mind being a reference for you or giving a testimonial when he is happy.  Partnerships are two way streets.  But the partnership really starts before the purchase.  It starts when Olin asks Linda for two more weeks on the evaluation.  It starts when Olin gives something to Linda in return.  

Sales Homework – Be prepared for, and get excited, when a prospect asks you for a “favor.”  It lets you start to build that partnership.  A word of caution:  while you want learn this technique as something you can use all the time, don’t use it all the time.  You should not sound like a robot that responds to commands the same way each time.  Mix it up a little.  Enough so your prospect understands how you build professional relationships.

Sales Managers – Coach your sales reps to get this under their belts.  It brings results.  Role play until you feel comfortable it’s being used in the correct amounts, at the correct times and with the correct intent.     Read more...


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