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This is an excellent question to ask your prospects, but one that can cut both ways.  So, to make sure this question works for you, make sure you know the answer.  For example; let’s say you’re selling a product that’s a huge improvement over what your prospect currently uses.  They’re okay with what they have in place no matter how inferior it is compared to what you are offering.  In this case, if you can ask them, “What happens if you just stick with what you currently have?”  You’ll probably get an answer like, “We’ll be okay.”  And that’s the truth.  But, they’re just okay. 

This question will be much more effective, however, if they do not have a solution in place.   It can lead to the following questions:

·         Will they lose or continue losing money?

·         Will they fall behind the competition?

·         Will they lose their leadership position?

·         Will their current customers leave them for the competition?

·         Will it hinder their productivity?

·         Will it increase costs?


Make sure these questions are asked at the right time and for the right reason.  If your prospect does say, we’ll be okay; one way to respond to this is to ask the question “Is “okay” good enough for you?”  When they respond they may tell you how to sell them.  For example, they may tell you “We want your product over what we currently have, but cannot justify the expense.”  At least then you have something to work with.  If you have prepared a favorable ROI, now would be the time to pull it out and present your case.  If, on the other hand, they come back with just, “Yes, okay is good enough” you need to keep drilling for reasons that allow you demonstrate the value of what you are offering is vastly superior to what they currently have.  They need to feel a sense of urgency to switch.  This urgency will probably be based around one the bullet points/questions listed above.

Important:  How you respond can vary based on the person and title to whom you are responding.  For instance; “We’re okay” coming from a support person or administrative assistant is different than hearing those words from a CFO or CEO.  Practice your response for both types of prospects.  Typically, someone without profit and loss responsibility will utter that phrase just to get you off the phone.  Whereas the CEO will (if they really care about their company) respond favorably to your questions on why “We’re okay” is just not good enough.

Sales Homework – List three more questions that get your prospect thinking about why it would be better for them to leave their comfort zone and switch to your product rather than stay with what they have.




Sales Managers – Don’t let your sales reps be discouraged when their prospects don’t want to switch.  Coach them to find a way through good questioning.



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