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I’m a guy, so I’m pretty literal.  This is a source of real frustration for my wife.  If you don’t spell it out for me, it usually goes over my head.   It occurred to me during the course of my sales career that a lot of sales people, men and women, don’t act like my wife has decided to act.  When it’s my sister’s birthday, she’ll say, “It’s your sister’s birthday.”  Hah, like I didn’t remember (I’m about 50% sure I did).  Then she’ll add, “You’re supposed to send her a gift.”  Why does she add this part?  Because she wants a confirmation from me that I:

1.      Definitely know it’s her birthday and

2.      Definitely know I need to send her a gift.

When you hear an objection from your prospect and respond accordingly, you need to get confirmation from them that you have answered the objection to their satisfaction.  If you don’t, your prospect will not move ahead in their buying cycle.  Ask questions such as:

·         Did I answer that to your satisfaction?

·         Does my answer make you feel more comfortable?

·         Is that okay?

·         Have I addressed your concern(s)?

Remember to take nothing for granted.  Assume nothing.  It can cost you big.  And you might miss an important birthday.

Sales Homework
– List three additional questions you can ask your prospect to make sure that everything is good with your answer to their objection.




Sales Managers
– This may seem like a small detail, but it’s the little ones that will catch you.     Read more...


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