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If you really want to elevate yourself above the average sales person, become a business person.  Business people ask questions like:

·         How will this purchase increase sales?

·         Will it reduce costs?

·         Will it increase profits?

·         How long will it take to implement?

·         What kind of resources do I need to accomplish this task?

·         How will this put me ahead of my competition?

·         What will happen if I don’t make this purchase?

·         Do I have the support of management?

·         Will it improve productivity?

·         Could this decision be a career-ender if it goes badly?


To make sales to business people you need to think and act like them.   Put yourself in their shoes and answer the questions about your product listed above.  Once you go through this exercise and have this discussion with your prospects, they will see you in a very different light.  They will see you as a serious, professional business person and, hopefully, a partner.  Yes, they know are a sales person.   But, not like the usual suspects that call on them.

One other benefit – When you go through the business/numbers side of the deal, your prospects are less inclined to ask for discounts because you have done your homework.  If they do want you to start lowering your price, you can always go back to your business case on why lowering the price would not be a good idea for either of you.   

Sales Homework – List four more business questions to discuss with your prospects.





Sales Managers
– Once you have a team of sales reps that think like business people, your profits and commissions will start going up and never come down.   Don’t settle for less than top notch sales and business professionals.



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