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Sales Training - Top 10 Questions to Ask on a Sales Call

I recently ran a session at the B2B Camp in Atlanta.
My topic was, The Top 10 Questions You Need to Ask on a Sales Call.  A video of the intro follows below.

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My 10 Questions - And ask them early!

1.Who in addition to yourself will be making the decision?
2.What particular issues are you looking to solve with our product, or one like ours?
3.When do you need to implement a solution?
4.Where do you see yourself six months or a year after implementing?
5.Why are you looking for a product like ours?
6.How are purchasing decisions made for products like ours?
7.Where do you think you will find the most benefits from our product?
8.How is funding approved and has it been approved for this project?
9.What is driving your interest in our product?
10.Who will benefit the most from your owning the product?



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