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If it’s Friday night and your spouse or friend says, “Would you rather go the movies or out to dinner tonight?” you kind of get the feeling those are the only two options they’re offering. They’re giving you a choice but both are things they have picked to do.  I’m not saying they’re devious.  They probably don’t even know they’re using one of the oldest sales techniques ever invented. 

To me, the “alternate of choice” series of questions is like having your prospect walk through a series of doors which they choose, that eventually land them to where you want them.  These questions are especially useful in appointment setting.  For example; you may not care too much exactly when the appointment happens, so long as it does happen soon.

“Sami, I’m glad everything we’ve covered sounds good to you.  Why don’t we meet in person to go over the details?  Is this week or next week better for you?”
Sami – Next week.
You – Good.  Would you prefer early or late in the week?
Sami – Early.
You – Monday or Tuesday?
Sami – Tuesday.
You – Is morning or afternoon better?
Sami – Morning.
You – How about 10:00 am?
Sami – He will with either say fine or suggest the time Tuesday morning. 
You – Sounds great.  I will see you then.

It’s important that your “alternate of choice” questions are delivered naturally and don’t sound manipulative.  You need to practice them.  Would you rather practice them now or lose the sale later? 

Sales Homework – List three places you can use “alternate of choice” questions.  Hint: product choices, delivery, vendor selection…




Sales Managers
– This is a basic sales technique but one that keeps your sales reps focused on getting the outcome they need.  Practice this one in sales training until all your reps have it nailed down.


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