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I have been in the business world for over 30 years.  I worked for big companies.  I worked for small companies that became big companies.  I started a company that made the INC 500 and ran it for over 20 years.  I made a million dollars.  I lost a million dollars.  And I made a million dollars again.  I can say, I have a bit of experience.

When I look back at my myriad of business experiences I see one common thread:  I was always trying to better myself by learning more.  When I worked at one of the original "mini computer" companies, they would publish a Sales Update magazine every two weeks.  It had information and updates on all the company's new products, product lines and services.  I happened to be in the vertical market that focused on the medical community in Georgia.   When that Sales Update would arrive at my desk, I would read it cover-to-cover.  And then take it home and read through it again.  But, I wouldn't just read the updates on my market, I would read all the updates.  And then I would read about my competitors and the entire industry.  When I entered into the business world, I had an insatiable thirst for knowledge that would helped me succeed.  And it's never stopped.  Thankfully.  I've always felt that if I wasn't learning more, I was falling behind.  (Side note: I wish I had applied this in college!)

If there is any one thing I can point to, that has helped me be successful in business, it is having been a life-long learner.   My father had an expression; "If you let the mind go, the body will follow shortly thereafter." 

This year, if you are willing to:

·         Become an expert in your field.

·         Understand or using a new technology.

·         Develop a skill you don't have today.

·         Share what you have learned with others; then you will be on track to becoming a life-long learner.


The benefits of these experiences will enhance your sense of curiosity, increase your emotional connections and build business success.  Plus, they will help you become a more well-rounded person.  Commit to becoming a life-long learner in 2015 and have your best year (and career) yet.  


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