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Louie Bernstein sales trainingThank you for wanting to build a better sales department. The Sales Playbook Checklist should cover most of what you need to build process and consistency within your sales team.  Contact me to help with any part of the process and for a free one hour consultation.

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   The Sales Playbook Checklist

  • Include your company's mission and/or value statements.  Everyone needs to know what you stand for.
  • Create a list of all your products* features.  Then, list its corresponding benefit next to each feature.  Never give a feature without a benefit.
  • List every possible objection to your product.  Then write down your answer to that objection.  Remember, with objections we Acknowledge, Cushion and Question.
  • Create your Perfect Prospect Profile (PPP).  This includes industry, company (employee size, revenue, etc.) and job title within that company.
  • Write down your list of qualifying questions.  Remember, these are used as much to qualify out, as to qualify in, a prospect.
  • Write your cold call phone script(s).
  • Write your cold call email.
  • Write your follow up phone call scripts.     80% of sales are made between the 5th and 8th contact.
  • Write your follow up emails.   You need at least five.
  • Write, time and practice your voicemail scripts for both cold and follow up phone calls.
  • If you deliver a demo as part of your sales process, make sure the flow and questions asked during the demo, are written down and practiced.  Insert all the qualifying questions at the correct point in the demo script.  The sales rep should be able to deviate from the script when needed, but still get all the questions asked.
  • Create a Meeting Follow Up Document.  This should have the same template look as your proposal or order form.  It sets the stage for the proposal and order form.  Send after each meeting (phone, in-person or web) that has more than you and one other person.  One-to-One can be handled with an email.
  • Include a glossary of terms that are particular to your industry.
  • Develop a list of trial closing questions.
  • Develop a list of closing questions.
  • Develop a list of questions nobody else asks.
  • Get as many testimonials as possible.  Video testimonials are particularly effective.
  • Document, and stick to, your Sales Rules.  Nothing kills a sales team quicker than sales reps feeling they are not getting fair treatment.
  • Document your invoicing process and procedures.
  • Document your company's support policies and procedures.
  • Include a section on your competitors.  Try to complete a SWOT analysis on each competitor.
  • Include your pricing, how it works, and any discounting that can used without permission.  The discounting freedom will give you insight into how your sales people approach selling on value.
  • Put in writing what a Lead is to your company.  BTW - Do you feed back the quality of the inbound leads to Marketing?   If you do not have a feedback loop, how are you going to get better quality Leads?
  • Put in writing what makes up a Marketing Qualified Lead.
  • Put in writing what makes up a Sales Qualified Lead.
  • Document the criteria for a Lead to become a Prospect.
  • Determine when a Prospect becomes an Opportunity.  This starts your sales funnel.
  • Design a visual representation of your sales funnel.  Some people learn better with pictures.
  • Develop milestones that indicate the different stages of your prospects buying cycle, so you know where they are in the funnel.
  • Write the questions to ask during a sales debriefing.  Debrief all wins and losses.  Learn from them. 
  • Schedule at least some sales training every business day.  It can be a deal you are working on, a podcast, one of my sales training videos; whatever you choose, just do it.  It pays huge dividends.
  • Include the sales job(s) description. 
  • Don't forget to include inspirational thoughts and documents.  Selling is as much inspirational and aspirational as it is technique and strategy.


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*Products and services are used interchangeably.

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