The Sales Getters Approach to Growing Sales


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If your budget is tight, but you could really use some effective sales coaching to grow revenue, I am offering a time-and-budget conscious sales plan, to help you succeed.  For a limited time I am accepting a small number of clients on a part time basis, who are looking for a quick revenue boost.  You can get as little as two hours per day, and up to 10 hours per week.

You get focused help with:

  • Writing a Sales Playbook to bring consistency of best practices to your team, and to onboard new reps quickly. This one assignment should pay for my services many times over.
  • Writing sales scripts. Yes, they do work; when done correctly.
  • Reviewing or developing call-email cadences, so everyone’s as effective and organized, as possible.
  • Coaching underperforming reps to bring them to their full potential, if possible.
  • Coaching “A” players. They need to be nurtured too, or they will leave.
  • Applying, or validating sales technology solutions to get maximum efficiency.
  • You fill in the blank:____________________________

My schedule is 4:00 to 6:00 ET (some nights and weekends, if needed).  I can deliver success over the web, or in person if you are located in Atlanta.  I offer a one hour free consultation to make sure I can help.  For reference, please visit or look at my accomplishments on LinkedIn –

The smallest changes can have the biggest impact on your sales.  Email me at to get started.  When we talk I will give you one tip to say to your team, that I guarantee will get them thinking smarter.